A wall Decal

What is a Wall Decal?

A Wall Decal is a vinyl graphic which can be developed in a variety of designs to give outstanding results on the wall.

A Wall Decal is not just a wall sticker or a wall paper or any such usual means of wall décor. KakshyaChitra Wall Decals are made from matte-finished superior quality vinyl especially manufactured for interior home decoration purposes.

The material used for our Wall Decals is so fashionable that you need to actually see it on a wall to believe it. Whatever amount of wall decals you might see on the internet, a wall decal is most effective on your wall. See it to believe it!!!

It is not just a piece of vinyl cut into various shapes. A lot of thought and effort goes into what design would best suit your wall depending upon the interior of your home and the color scheme of your home. It is so thin that at times people mistake it for a wall painting, yet it is not a traditional wall painting.

Wall Decals, are very popular in US and Europe and can be found in a significant number of households. Still it is a novel concept in those parts of the world also. At KakshyaChitra, we manufacture vinyl in Mumbai and Pune in India and ship it to your home, wherever you are. The procedure to apply a wall decal is very simple and you may also check the FAQs for further querries.

You can Contact us to help you choose a wall decal for you or you can ask for a Customised Wall Decal.